Employing Foreign Workers: What US Companies and Counsel Need to Know

Joel Pfeffer will be presenting “Employing Foreign Workers: What US Companies and Counsel Need to Know” for members of the Association of Corporate Counsel. The webcast is scheduled for Thursday, September 11 at 3:00 pm. More info below:

While Congress continues to debate immigration reform, there are three key issues that US companies employing foreign nationals need to know about and recommendations on how to address them.

  • The H-1b Visa: This highly sought after visa is critical to US companies employing foreign professionals, such as engineers, business managers and analysts, or software professionals.  Employers need to work with counsel to develop generously detailed explanations about why the employee qualifies for this visa.
  • The L-1b Program: This program permits multi-national companies to transfer executives, managers or certain employees with specialized knowledge of the company’s operations to the US.  The Department of Homeland Security carefully examines every petition in this visa category and employers must be aware of the issues that are important to DHS immigration officers.
  • Green Card Quotas: Companies employing foreign nationals need to understand the interplay between green card availability and employee retention. Learn how to  work with outside counsel to best complete the applications, understand the pros and of each, and steps to take when applications are challenged to ensure business runs smoothly.