Hot Topics in Employment Law: Tips to Stay In Compliance

Hosted by: Employment Law Group

Date: Tuesday, September 30
Time: 8:30 – 10:30 am
Location: The Rivers Club
Price: Admission is complimentary
RSVP: Send email to [email protected] by September 24

This seminar will discuss the following “hot topics” and recent changes in employment law that you and your company will need to know to remain in compliance with employment law matters:

  • Same-Sex Marriage Issues and Implications – With the recent same-sex marriage ruling in Pennsylvania, we will discuss how HR Departments should be evaluating policies and benefit plans so they comply with the ruling.
  • EEOC Guidance on Pregnancy Discrimination – Understand the EEOC’s guidance on how employers must deal with pregnancy-related issues as compared to accommodations provided to other employees.
  • NLRB McDonald’s Franchise Ruling – Learn how joint liability corporations, far removed from day-to-day personnel decisions made by franchisees and contractors, may be exposed to new legal risks.
  • Pennsylvania Non-Competes Update – The recent court ruling serves as a warning to all employers of the difficulty of enforcing non-compete agreements in Pennsylvania.
  • FMLA Notices to Employees – With the recent court ruling, employers and third-party administrators responsible for sending FMLA and other employee notices need to review their current procedures for notification to employees.

Please join us to learn the various tips necessary to protect yourself and your company from employment law related disputes.