PPP Loans in M&A Transactions: Assessing the Position and Allocating the Risk

Maxwell Briskman StanfieldRobert Dauer

Maxwell Briskman Stanfield and Rob Dauer discuss the Paycheck Protection Program and its effects on buying and selling a business.

While the program continues to change, when it comes to transactions, the Small Business Administration’s Procedural Notice No. 5000-20057 is the latest guidance outlining rules PPP loan lenders and borrowers must follow when a borrower is contemplating a change of control transaction, merger or acquisition. Whether buyer or seller, the parties to any such business transaction will need to weigh and consider all of the effects the transaction will have on a borrower’s eligibility under the terms of the loan. In the course of overcoming this hurdle during the transaction, there are important risk allocation considerations to consider when a PPP loan is already outstanding and the transaction is in process.

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