Jason Yarbrough interviewed on WESA

Jason Yarbrough was interviewed as part of WESA’s story, “Tables turn on Allegheny County assessments, as new math favors owners over tax collectors, schools.”

A significantly lower common level ratio (CLR) went into effect in Allegheny County as of January 1, 2023, bringing the potential for major tax savings to property owners — and a short window to take advantage of it.

“It’s like a generational drop [in the ratio used in assessment appeals]. I don’t think there’s ever been as significant of a drop year-over-year than what we are seeing in 2023 as we try to catch up to years of adjustments that should have been made.”

Corporate clients could save hundreds of thousands of dollars per year with an appeal, but must act fast as the deadline to file an appeal quickly approaches:

I think some people believe that this will happen automatically.  It won’t, and it will require them to take some kind of an affirmative step and filing an appeal if they think that their number is wrong.

Listen to or read the entire story at this link.

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