The Construction Law Group has negotiated, arbitrated and litigated claims involving delay damages, differing site conditions, express and constructive changes in the work, acceleration, cardinal changes in the work, and equitable adjustments. Also, we have filed and prosecuted on behalf of our clients’ claims under Pennsylvania’s Mechanics’ Lien Law and Pennsylvania’s Contractor and Subcontractor Payment Act. We have pursued recovery of claims under both federal and state laws with respect to performance and payment bonds, and we have resolved claims ranging from several thousand dollars up to $10,000,000.

Successful claims resolution requires an appreciation of contract documents and familiarity with the procedures to be followed. The contract may require arbitration or mediation; with most claims against the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, it may require strict adherence to certain conferences and procedures before the claim is filed formally with the Board of Claims in Harrisburg; or it may require suit in either the state or federal court systems located in and outside of Pennsylvania.

The Construction Law Group’s representation of clients has not been limited to only projects in Allegheny County and Western Pennsylvania. Rather, we have represented clients in matters involving other parts of Pennsylvania and several other states. On an international basis, we have negotiated various industrial and commercial contracts.

Our expertise is not limited to the prosecution of construction claims. Owners, design professionals and contractors frequently engage us to defend claims against them. Whether pursuing or defending claims, we possess detailed knowledge on damage calculations, including labor and material escalation, extended jobsite supervision and costs, loss of productivity, actual and constructive acceleration, home office overhead, profits, interest, and financing costs.