Many clients of Meyer, Unkovic & Scott ask the attorneys of the Construction Law Group to review their construction contract documents, including general contracts, subcontracts, purchase orders, sales acknowledgments, quotations, and requests for quotations. We consult with our clients in an effort to upgrade and strengthen their legal rights under these documents with particular focus on the controlling provisions for payment terms and conditions, delivery, time of performance, force majeure, warranties, disclaimers, recoverable damages, and the appropriate forum for any litigation or arbitration.

In many instances, it is either impractical or impossible to review construction project documents before a bid is submitted or the contract signed. On such occasions, we direct the client’s attention to those provisions which may impose severe burdens or risks during the performance of the contract and, if appropriate, advise the client how to lessen or control the effect of those risks. We have developed appropriate notices for changes and extensions of time and have drafted letters or notices to document exceptions to strict or exculpatory provisions of the contract. ‎