Meyer, Unkovic & Scott’s representation of nonprofit organizations is significant and includes hospitals, foundations, educational institutions, trade associations, and elderly and low income housing projects.

From an organizational standpoint, our attorneys provide guidance in forming the nonprofit organization and, where applicable, applying to the Internal Revenue Service for appropriate tax exemption. On an operational level, we work closely with directors and/or trustees to ensure continuing compliance with statutory rules and regulations applicable to exempt organizations and to address the myriad legal issues that nonprofit organizations face in today’s ever-changing business and legal environments.

More specifically, we counsel nonprofit organizations in the following areas:

Corporate/Business Services

  • Form entities/address organizational issues
  • Provide guidance on governance/fiduciary duties
  • Draft Policies: Conflict of Interest, Business Records
  • Consult on Risk Management opportunities
  • Review Contracts/Service Agreements
  • Advice regarding Partnerships, JVs, Mergers and Acquisitions, Dissolution
  • Advocate insurance coverage disputes
  • Facilitate strategic direction discussions

Tax/Private Client Group

  • Advice on Planned Giving/Documentation(Private Foundations, Donor Advised Funds, Charitable Trusts) ; minimize donor tax issues
  • Secure IRC Section 501 (c)(3) tax exemption/Ongoing compliance
  • Obtain Sales and Use Tax Exemptions
  • Advice regarding compensation for Key Employees

Employment/Employee Benefits

  • Prepare Employee/Volunteer Handbooks
  • Provide Employment Counselling: hiring, disciplining and terminating employees; HR Training
  • Conduct harassment investigations
  • Handle harassment/discrimination claims and litigation
  • Address FLMA, ADA, and other compliance issues
  • Design employee benefit plans/monitor administration and compliance
  • Handle immigration issues

Real Estate and Finance

  • Advice on buying, selling, and leasing property
  • Secure and defend real estate tax exemptions
  • Address development, zoning, and land use issues
  • Handle financing transactions
  • Advise Homeowners Associations
  • Assist Nonprofit Landlords with residential tenant issues


  • Resolve business disputes
  • Comply with Regulatory Requirements
  • Assist with PA Attorney General investigations
  • Handle Orphans Court Litigation
  • Advocate for Creditor’s Rights/Bankruptcy
  • Review construction contracts/handle disputes

Intellectual Property

  • Establish, protect, transfer, and enforce patents/trademarks/copyrights