Doing Business in Pennsylvania: What You Need To Know (Fifth Edition)

The most important decision that any individual or a company contemplating the establishment of a business enterprise in Pennsylvania (or elsewhere in America) must make is the selection of the appropriate business entity. This choice will affect virtually every aspect of the business, how its profits are taxed, the extent of liability of owners for the business’ obligations, succession planning, and even day-to-day operations. Doing Business in Pennsylvania: What You Need To Know will help you choose the best entity for your new business.

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This guide is the perfect tool to jumpstart conversations and identify critical issues for anyone planning to do business in the State of Pennsylvania. It is perfect for:

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About the authors

Michael G. Monyok

Michael Monyok focuses his practice on intellectual property matters and represents startups to large public companies in all aspects of intellectual property procurement, management, licensing, and litigation. Michael’s intellectual property work has included a range of technical subjects, including machine-vision guidance systems, human/computer interaction, robotics, data processing, and nano-materials.

Joel Pfeffer

Joel Pfeffer is a Pittsburgh based immigration attorney, and member of the firm’s Corporate & Business Law and International & Immigration Law practice groups. He works primarily in the areas of immigration, nationality, and corporate law, serving clients, locally, nationally and internationally.

Dennis Unkovic

Dennis Unkovic is a corporate lawyer with significant M&A experience. He works for both U.S. companies and foreign entities with their international activities and investments. He has been featured as a guest on CNBC as well as “Our Region’s Business” on WPXI frequently commenting on the topics of Global Supply Chain, International Relations, and other regional business topics.


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