Tax Advisory: Pennsylvania Cuts its Corporate Net Income Tax Rate

In recent days, the Pennsylvania General Assembly passed legislation adopting the Commonwealth’s 2022-2023 Budget.  The legislation was signed into law by Governor Wolfe.  Included in the legislation is a provision cutting Pennsylvania’s Corporate Net Income tax rate which is currently a flat rate of 9.99%.  Over the next several years, the rate will be gradually reduced to 4.99% by 2031.

Kevin F. Israel
Kevin F. Israel

The rate remains at 9.99% for tax years beginning before 2023; for tax years beginning on the following dates, the rate is shown:

January 1, 2023         8.99%

January 1, 2024         8.49%

January 1, 2025         7.99%

January 1, 2026         7.49%

January 1, 2027         6.99%

January 1, 2028         6.49%

January 1, 2029         5.99%

January 1, 2030         5.49%

January 1, 2031         4.99%

Pennsylvania’s current corporate tax rate is the second highest among the states imposing a corporate income tax.  The new provision is intended to bring Pennsylvania more in line with other states.

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