City of Pittsburgh Rental Properties Must Now Be Registered

By:  Kevin F. McKeegan

If you are a property owner of multi-family properties in the City of Pittsburgh, make sure you are aware of the new City Rental Registration Program that goes into effect on May 29, 2022. Under the program, landlords must register with the City’s Department of Permits, Licenses, and Inspections (PLI), enabling PLI to inspect rental units to be sure the units meet minimum health and safety programs.  The City’s ordinance calls for landlords to pay a registration fee of $16, a “per parcel” fee of $5.50 and a “per unit” fee of $14. Inspections will take place on a rolling five-year schedule.  All rental units must be registered, and units currently being rented will have until December 31, 2022, to register.  Affordable housing properties will be exempt from the annual rental registration permit fee but will be subject to inspection. Owners of multi-family structures built before 1978 should be aware that these properties will also require a lead dust wipe inspection.  The portal to register will open in April so take the time now to review the inventory of all your rental units within the City of Pittsburgh.

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Click here to read the City of Pittsburgh press release.

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