The entertainment and media law practice group represents and counsels clients in a range of creative industries, including, but not limited to, branding, marketing, advertising, fashion, television, motion picture, music, and visual arts.

Our clients often include branding and marketing agencies, freelancers, fashion designers, music industry professionals, production companies, visual artists, entertainers, and athletes.

With entertainment and media law at its core being an interdisciplinary practice, we pull from our knowledgeable team of attorneys in order to achieve our clients’ goals – whether it be transactional-based matters (e.g., contractual drafting and negotiations, tax and estate planning, corporate matters, commercial transactions, intellectual property and licensing, business formation, real estate, financing, employment matters), or litigation-related matters (e.g., intellectual property-related claims, commercial claims); we are able to assist when help and guidance is needed for matters involving their artform, talent, or persona.

We have experience with a variety of matters arising in our clients’ artform and their business, such as:

Television and Motion Picture

Independent film producers and video production companies with a wide range of general business, corporate, and finance matters. Filming location agreements (whether production company side, or property owner side). General negotiation of contracts with respect to actors, writers, and other industry professionals in negotiations with production companies and networks.

Marketing, Advertising, and Branding

Representation of marketing, advertising, and branding agencies in connection with multiple facets of their business model.

Visual Arts

Representation of fine artists with respect to the commercial exploitation and protection of their works of visual art. This includes licensing arrangements and purchase and sale arrangements.

Fashion Industry

Representation of fashion designers and fashion industry professionals throughout their business model.


Representation of podcasters, social media influencers, web developers, internet-based content providers, and other multimedia professionals on commercial issues consisting of traditional entertainment properties and new multimedia outlets and avenues.

Music Industry

Representation of music industry professionals, including musicians, artist and band managers, and advisors, dealing with commercial matters affecting the music industry.

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