MUS Employment Law Workshops: Sexual Harassment

What your company needs to do now to mitigate risk – a legal perspective
Sexual harassment and claims of harassment have been a pervasive problem in the workplace long before the headline-making scandals of recent months.

We should know, as Meyer, Unkovic & Scott’s Employment Law attorneys have defended numerous employers in sexual harassment lawsuits over the years. To help employers prevent and manage harassment claims, we offer consulting workshops that provide the legal basics all employers need to know to address and prevent sexual harassment claims.

Designed for management and/or employees, the training addresses what sexual harassment is, prevention techniques, and how to handle sexual harassment complaints. Workplace harassment has a corrosive effect on an organization’s culture in addition to the bottom line, and knowing what it is and how to prevent it is an employer’s best defense.

Facilitated by Meyer, Unkovic & Scott attorneys Elaina Smiley and/or Beth Slagle, the workshop can be held in our office, in downtown Pittsburgh, or at your office.  The program can be tailored to each company’s unique needs.

Topics include:

  • Do’s and Don’ts to Prevent Sexual Harassment
  • Handling a Sexual Harassment Complaint
  • Conduct Which Can be Defined as Harassment
  • How To Comply With the Law
  • Discussion of Your Organization’s Past and/or Current Problems
  • Management Responsibilities
  • Cost is based on company size and location of training. Contact Elaina Smiley or Beth Slagle to discuss training options for your business.